Our Approach

Ideal Living Environments is a family-run local business with a wealth of experience in the buildings of our unique region. We provide custom-tailored solutions to our customers for building ideal living environments in a cost effective way based on building science, the latest diagnostic testing techniques, Building energy modeling and advised by our broad range of experience. 

We are a cutting-edge family business that prides itself on being on the leading edge of the home energy efficiency industry. While we take pride in our local heritage, we also keep up to date in the latest national accreditation processes and maintain an active role in our industry. We hold certifications from the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

We serve the entire Central Pennsylvania region for energy code compliance, HERS Ratings, Energy efficiency utility incentive programs and Energy Star certifications, and provide Consultations on energy efficiency and how to meet code cost effectively.

For more information about our business, or to schedule a meeting to discuss your energy code needs, feel free to contact us directly.

Our Story